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Softball club Radotín SK was established in 1979 and it is one of the oldest and the most successful softball club in Czech republic. It is also the most significant unit in sports association of Radotín SK and it ranks among the most successful sports clubs in Prague 16. Radotín SK softball is a participant of the first men legue for a long time and recent years achieves regularly medailist positions.There are many representants,exrepresentants and coaches. During years 2004-2006 the club was developing rapidly-formed a womens team,which qualified succesfully and played in second women legue and in 2007 the team will struggle to get to the first legue.In 2006 men won the first legue, Czech softball cup and international tournament in british Guernsey.Young juniors and cadets teams became stronger.Radotín SK organised also successfully European cup winners cup and devotes a great care to sports promotion and events for the public.Softball ranks among successful czech sports-women´s and men´s teams are ones of the best in Europe and about sixth place in the world.

In 2007 Radotín SK will defend championship title,win in Czech softball cup and representate Czech republic on European cup.Radotín SK would like to organise this tournament too.Women will struggle to get to the first legue. B-teams will defend first places in prague championships. We devote a great care to youth.In 2006 we established a specialized sports class with local basic school.Our object is focused on ensuring of clubs growth and giving also possibility to our children to make the best of free time.



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Softball is a collective game and comes from America.It is the most popular batting sport for women and men possibly for mixed teams in the world.This game combinates individual and collective sport and develops physical and psychic personality of sportsman.In CR softball appeared after war,but like ,,American" sport started to be successful after 1989.Since the time czech softball is placed on the top of european softball and in the first world´s ten.Lot of our players play professional softball all over the world,e.g.: Italy, Netherlands, USA, Canada, New Zealand etc.The best softball in the world you can find in men´s category-New Zealand, Canada, Venezuela (Europe-CR, Netherlands, Denmark) and in women´s category-USA, Japan, China, (Europe-Italy, Netherlands, CR).


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